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Everything you need to integrate your TAPI call center telephony features into your systems – from a feature-rich, ready-to-use dialer application, to a powerful developer’s library to build your own telephony integration software

Revive your old TAPI call centers with feature-rich telephony integration

Handle both inbound and outbound calls with our fully customisable campaigns

Skyrocket your campaigns' management efficiency and success rates

Build your own dialer software with our .NET managed code telephony library

Let your agents talk more, sell more, and wait less using predictive algorithms

Reduce your operational costs utilising your existing infrastructure

Telephony Integration

Tapi Dapp is a feature-rich dialer and inbound calls management solution that supports TAPI-compatible call centers.

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Computer Telephony Integration

Tapi Dapp, with its screen pop feature, informs agents of their connected contact information by opening the corresponding CRM windows on their screen as soon as an inbound or outbound call is connected. Agents can update this information live and save back to the CRM.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Tapi Dapp can operate in the ACD mode, in which inbound calls are distributed automatically to the most appropriate agents based on their skills using its advanced Skill-Based Routing (SBR) algorithms.


Tapi Dapp can operate in the click-to-dial dialer mode, in which agents can initiate outbound calls, on demand, directly from their contacts window.

Preview Dialer

Tapi Dapp can operate in the Preview Dialer mode, in which managers can create outbound call campaigns and agents can review the contact information prior to the placement of the call. The agent decides which contact to dial and when.

Progressive Dialer

Tapi Dapp can operate in the Progressive Dialer mode, in which dialer automatically runs through outbound call campaign contacts and passes the connected calls to the agent. Dialer pauses dialing when the agent becomes unavailable.

Predictive Dialer

Tapi Dapp can operate in the Predictive Dialer mode, in which managers can create outbound call campaigns and the dialer passes the connected calls to the appropriate agents using skill-based routing (SBR) algorithms. Predictive Dialer mode utilizes advanced algorithms for determining the number of concurrent contacts to dial according to the agents’ characteristics and other historical data.

Campaign Management

Tapi Dapp offers advanced campaign management features to facilitate both managers and agents to focus on their business tasks.

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Multiple Campaign Modes

Tapi Dapp can operate in multiple campaign modes handling both inbound and outbound calls. CTI and ACD are mostly used for the inbound whereas Click-to-dial, Preview, Progressive, and Predictive are mostly used for outbound calls  (read more in Telephony Integration).

Customisation & Scalability

Tappi Dapp provides extreme customisation and scalability features for its campaigns. It offers unlimited campaign & contact fields and there is no limit on the number of agents, contacts or dialer lines which can be assigned to a campaign.

Advanced Control

Tapi Dapp provides managers with advanced control features for their campaigns. Managers get live notifications about the status of their created campaigns and have full control over their scheduling and execution. With unlimited fields at their disposal, managers can customise their campaigns and target their customers more efficiently.

Agent Management

Tapi Dapp prioritizes high the agent performance and offers a great variety of features to that end.

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Skill-based Routing (SBR)

Tapi Dapp offers the option to use SBR algorithms to automatically select the most appropriate agent to handle a call. Tapi Dapp algorithms take into consideration the agents’ state (after-call-work, busy, away etc.), skills (their fit to each case), and profile historical data (average talk time, success rate, etc.) to identify the most appropriate agent to handle each call, boosting agent’s success rate and performance.

Agent States

Tapi Dapp agents can run through their campaigns at their own pace. They can pause for any reason at any time, take their time to conduct the after-call work, and have a break at any time. Tappi Dapp takes into consideration agent states prior to placing or assigning calls and automatically updates the agent states when they are call-center-specific.

Screen Pop & Alerts

Tapi Dapp utilizes screen pop technology and live notifications to boost agent performance. The contact information of every connected call is passed instantly to the agent and is readily available for modifications. Live alerts warn the agents during the call when critical events take place (e.g. talk time threshold exceeded).

Unlimited Dialer Lines

Tapi Dapp agents can use concurrently as many dialer lines as the hardware can support to fulfill their campaigns.

Performance Monitoring & KPIs

Tapi Dapp agents are getting informed in real time of all their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the progress of their campaigns via their personalized dashboards.

CRM, Integration & Compatibility

Tapi Dapp provides a built-in CRM which can fulfill the requirements of typical call campaigns. It also provides a variety of integration and communication features with other CRMs .

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Built-in & Additional CRM Fields

Tapi Dapp can operate as a stand-alone CRM to cover all the requirements of typical call campaigns. It comes out-of-the-box with the most used fields and most applied features for the Call, Contact, Campaign and Agent entities. Additionally, Tapi Dapp managers can add unlimited CRM fields to the Contact and Campaign entities for any special use.

CRM Integration

Tappi Dapp provides smart import and export mechanisms. Tapi Dapp managers can import new contacts from text or excel files just by having the contacts in separate rows and the contact fields in separate columns (without a specific order). Similarly, all Tappi Dapp entities and views can be exported, via the application, in most well-known file formats including pdf, xml, text, word, and excel.

Reporting & Analytics

Tappi Dapp provides powerful reporting and analytics tools to measure performance, adapt to changes, and improve.

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Built-in Reports & Dashboards

Tappi Dapp offers a variety of predesigned reports & dashboards for both agents and managers according to the industry best practices. Each visualization contains live personalized information based on the user’s role. Through these dashboards and reports, users can evaluate themselves and their subordinates’ performance, monitor their calls and campaigns, consult their KPIs and improve etc.

Report & Dashboard Designer

Tapi Dapp offers a designer tool to the users with administrative permissions to design and publish new reports and dashboards with information drawn from all Tapi Dapp fields.

Real-time Analytics

Tapi Dapp users have access to real-time statistics and historical data to easily get the complete picture while the campaigns are still in progress. Call and campaign result analysis, key user metrics and personalized insights can be seen from every view within the application.

Developer’s SDK

Tapi Dapp SDK is a telephony integration .NET library which wraps Microsoft’s Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI).

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Managed .NET Code

Tappi Dapp SDK, is written exclusively in C# and provides .NET managed classes for developing TAPI-compatible telephony applications in .NET environment.

Feature-rich Telephony Integration

Tapi Dapp SDK provides classes and methods to develop most of the features of a typical call center including inbound and outbound call management and monitoring. Tapi Dapp software solution was built exclusively using Tapi Dapp SDK.

Compatible with TAPI Call Centers

Tapi Dapp SDK is one of the very few .NET telephony libraries which support call centers compatible with 1.3-3.1 TAPI versions. Tapi Dapp has extended the TAPI wrapper created by JulMar Technology Inc.


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