Business Intelligence &
Data Analytics


A collection of data analysis, business intelligence, and management information system (MIS) modules combined in a powerful decision-support and predictive analytics platform

Take a 360 view look on your data and feel your numbers through our easy-to-read KPI dashboards and reports

Listen to your data and identify the trends and patterns they follow using our advanced data mining & forecasting techniques

Make informed decisions, form your strategy and monitor your performance using our powerful decision support system

Enrich your existing systems with Toxotes features regardless of the database management system you currently use

Data Visualisation

Toxotes comes with an exhaustive list of easy-to-understand data visualization mechanisms which present the proper information to the right user in user-friendly dashboards, scorecards, and reports

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Predefined & Dynamic Reports

Toxotes users can design their own reports using the Toxotes drag-and-drop report designer and access them using the embedded reporting module. Predefined reports such as value-change logs are automatically generated for each new entity.

Offline & Live Dashboards

Toxotes users can design and publish their own dashboard views to implement any performance monitoring, targeting and assessment needed. Dashboards can be set to live mode showing the changes of the information presented in real-time.

Data Visualisation Controls

Toxotes offers a rich collection of ready-to-use controls which cover every visualization need and convey the right message – from simple charts to complicated interactive visualizations.

Data Mining & Analytics

Toxotes provides a powerful data mining and analytics module to examine thoroughly your numbers and draw insightful conclusions for the present and future of your data.

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  • glos-mis-dashboard
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Data Cleaning

Toxotes offers a variety of methods to prepare your data for analysis or ETL procedures. Built-in methods include missing values handling, noisy data smoothing, data type transformation, and data validation & cleaning.

Data Exploration

Toxotes Data Exploration module facilitates users to filter their data, split the available information into meaningful segments, and understand them with the help of the Toxotes descriptive statistics.

Association Identification

With Toxotes Association Identification module users can easily detect the different categories of their data, recognize the different patterns they follow and analyze the key influencers of a specific variable.

Forecasting & Model Building

Toxotes provides a user-friendly environment for forecasting model building. It comes with the latest, most popular, industry-proven predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms ready to integrate into your models.

Scenario & Target Analysis

Toxotes provides a Scenario & Target Analysis module which enables users to understand the impact of their changes (scenarios) and to identify the underlying factors which could lead to the desired result (targets).

Decision Making

All these modules combined form a first-class decision-making system to let you monitor your performance, make informed decisions and form your strategy based on your data.

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  • business-intelligence-report
  • business-intelligence-report


The results of the analyses and some critical information which needs immediate attention are presented in auto-generated reports with their meaningful interpretation.

Performance Monitoring & Assesment

Key performance indicators (KPIs) along with other data visualizations can be used to monitor in real time the performance and the progress of your business and assess your past decisions and defined targets.

Notifications & Actionable Feedback

Toxotes provides a notifications system which alerts you for critical changes in your data, the progress of your targets, along with actionable suggestions to support your decisions and form your strategy.

System Integration

Toxotes was built to provide extreme compatibility. Its data can reside in a wide range of database engines and can communicate with third-party ERPs and software systems using the latest ETL techniques.

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Data Source Selection

Toxotes provides built-in support for its data source to be in various database engines including MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLLite, and Sybase.

Import & Export

Toxotes offers built-in import and export capabilities and, thus, information can be drawn from and exported to the most popular file formats including PDF, HTML, MHT, Text, CSV, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, and Image.

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